Calciphylaxis: a qualitative study of patient experiences

This study aims to evaluate patient experiences, learn from patients and raise awareness of calciphylaxis to help achieve earlier diagnosis and improve patient outcomes.

Aim of the study

  1. To evaluate patient experiences of calciphylaxis diagnosis and treatment
  2. To learn from patients to improve the care, experience and well-being of people diagnosed with calciphylaxis.
  3. To raise awareness of calciphylaxis to help achieve earlier diagnosis, to improve patient outcomes

Study type

Qualitative: patient interviews

Who is able to participate?

Anyone with a diagnosis of calciphylaxis (now or within the last 3 years). Relatives and/or carer can also be included where it is not possible to interview the patient.

How do I get involved

Email [email protected] to let them know you’re interested and provide your contact details for someone to get in touch.

Has this study received ethical approval?

Yes: 23/PR/0708

Who is funding the study?

Kidney Research UK and Kidney Wales.

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