Young Adult Residential Weekend

Kidney Care UK's annual Young Adult Residential Weekend is a FREE event for young people aged 18-30 who have a kidney condition to try new activities, make friends, and have fun.

The Kidney Care UK Young Adult Residential Weekend is organised every year for young people aged 18-30 who have a kidney condition.

It’s our mission to facilitate a fun and safe environment for you to be inspired, get advice, and enjoy a great weekend with others your age who truly understand you. We strive to promote the development of young people with chronic renal illness by offering a residential which will help you grow socially and in confidence, and provides knowledge to help promote independence.

Try new activities, speak to like-minded people, attend workshops, take part in social events, make friends, and have fun. There’s also plenty of time to relax and unwind. Join us for a life-changing weekend!

Young Adult Residential Weekend 2024

Our annual Young Adult Residential Weekend will take place this year at Mount Cook Adventure Centre in Derbyshire from 6-9 September 2024.

Registration closes Friday 21 June.

Register for the Young Adult Residential Weekend 2024
I loved meeting new people in a similar situation to my own. I also found it really positive to see people with transplants living a full life, which gives me hope for my own future.
YAKG member

What activities are available?

We want the weekend to be as informal as possible so that you can enjoy yourself and get the most out of being there. During the day, there's the opportunity to take part in different outdoor activities including:

  • climbing and abseiling
  • orienteering
  • walks
  • bushcraft
  • land karting
  • zip lining
  • arts and crafts
  • archery tag
  • games
  • team building events and challenges
It improved my outlook on life with kidney failure. Since the weekend I've been engaging with life more and trying to do things I enjoy instead of just "existing" on dialysis and waiting for a transplant. Also helped me make new friends that I can talk to about CKD related stuff whereas before I felt pretty alone.
YAKG member

The Kidney Care UK YAKG peer support team also run workshops to find out how we can support you more as a young adult living with kidney disease, and organise social activities in the evenings. These evening activities include quizzes, ice breakers, games, a bonfire and a Saturday night party disco.

Mount Cook 2022

There is also plenty of free time during the weekend and all planned activities are optional.

If you have any questions about registration or the Young Adult Residential Weekend, please email the admin team and we will be in touch. Thank you!

My favourite part of the weekend was meeting more people in the same position as me. It was humbling to know I wasn’t alone, and I could turn to anyone there for help. I felt extremely welcomed and not like an outsider at all.
YAKG member