Kidney Care UK online community

At Kidney Care UK, we believe no one should have to face kidney disease alone. To connect with other people affected by CKD in the UK, join our friendly, supportive online community on Facebook.

Our online community is a safe space for thousands of people with kidney disease and their families and carers.

If you’re looking to

  • speak to others who are going through the same things as you are
  • talk about the issues you don’t want, or need, to raise with your medical team
  • just someone to chat to when you’re unable to sleep...

... then the Kidney Care UK closed support group on Facebook is for you.

Our closed Facebook group puts you in touch with others affected by kidney disease, giving you a chance to share experiences and tips on living with kidney related conditions. The group is moderated and private.

With over 11,000 members at different stages of kidney disease, you do not have to face kidney disease alone.

Join the Kidney Care UK online community on Facebook

Join the Kidney Care UK Facebook group

  • If you search for Kidney Care UK on Facebook, you’ll see our public page and our private group.
  • We’d love you to follow the public Kidney Care UK Facebook page too as this is the place where you can get all the latest updates from the charity!
  • To Join the group, click on the private group option and answer the two questions we ask all members to answer.
  • You’ll be accepted into the group as soon as possible!
  • Please take a few minutes to read the pinned post(s) and review the group rules.