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Keep up to date with the latest Kidney Care UK policy developments, including information on our latest campaigns.

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    Scottish in-centre dialysis transport: change and improvements urgently required

    A new Kidney Care UK report published today highlights that in Scotland people face an unreliable, inefficient transport service, long travel and waiting times to and from in-centre dialysis and a lack of suitable vehicles and drivers.

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    Failure to recognise the seriousness of CKD is costing lives

    A lack of focus on chronic kidney disease (CKD) is putting lives at risk and putting unsustainable pressure on the NHS, according to a Kidney Care UK report, Let’s talk kidneys – opportunities for early intervention in chronic kidney disease.

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    Home dialysis energy reimbursement in Scotland

    As part of an ongoing campaign to secure reimbursement for home dialysis costs for all UK patients, Kidney Care UK is campaigning for the full, fair and timely reimbursement of the additional energy costs of home dialysis in Scotland.

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    Lack of reimbursement leaves HHD patients left out in the cold

    According to a Kidney Care UK report, one third of home dialysis patients are not receiving any reimbursement from their trusts and less than a third of trusts are reimbursing patients using the appropriate tariff. This is despite the fact that NHS trusts receive funds from NHS England to pay for reimbursements.

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    The cost of living crisis pushes thousands of patients to the brink

    Kidney Care UK’s Cost of Staying Alive report issues a stark warning to the Government that thousands of kidney patients’ mental, physical, and financial health is at risk without urgent action.