Working together to help patients love their food and their kidneys

The latest information about ordering Kidney Kitchen resources for your patients if you are a dietitian or other health professional.

About our Kidney Kitchen resources

The Kidney Kitchen was started in 2018 by Kidney Care UK in partnership with the Renal Nutrition Group (RNG) of the British Dietetic Association (BDA).

During this time, the RNG have provided kidney dietetic guidance to the whole Kidney Kitchen team – its chefs, kidney dietitians, and recipe developers – to enable them to create over 200 exciting and tasty meals and recipes which better suit the needs of people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

With step-by-step instructions, nutritional information and world flavours, the Kidney Kitchen is all about what you can eat, not what you can’t. It’s great for beginners, foodies and anyone looking to eat well – and feel well.

Our nutritional resources: recipes, food magazines, posters and calling cards

With the help of creative chefs, we have developed a range of delicious and inspiring meals, snacks, cakes and puddings for people living with kidney disease and the whole family to enjoy.

We have published a series of recipe collection magazines that are available to order in boxes of 30 magazines. Each magazine also contains dietetic advice on how to eat well and stay well with kidney disease.

Order Kidney Kitchen magazines
Kidney Kitchen magazines

In addition to our range of Kidney Kitchen magazines we have posters and calling cards that can be used with your patients – please email us if you would like to order.

We really hope that these resources complement your own, and provide a valuable source of inspiration for the kidney patients you look after.

We often hear patients ask, “Why are all the yummy foods restricted?” Well yummy was definitely the word on menu for our haemodialysis patients and renal unit staff on our very own Kidney Kitchen tasting day. The work of the Kidney Kitchen has definitely become a big hit in our unit. Well done Kidney Kitchen, we look forward to tasting all your new recipes!
Oonagh Gooding, RNG Renal dietitian

Coming soon: additional Kidney Kitchen resources for all healthcare professionals

We are constantly working to increase and improve our resources for dietitians and other health care professionals so that we may continue to help you support your patients.

While we will no longer be providing our spiral-bound Kidney Kitchen Recipe Book as a free resource, two more Kidney Kitchen magazines will be published during 2024 and available to order.