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At Kidney Care UK, we receive more questions about how to eat well to stay well with CKD than almost any other topic. You can enjoy eating our kidney-friendly meals every day as part of a healthy, balanced diet, with the added reassurance that we find inventive ways to flavour each dish without adding salt!

Every one of our Kidney Kitchen recipes is very carefully analysed and approved by the British Dietetic Association Renal Nutrition Specialist Group (RNG).

Low potassium snacks, lunches and dinners

Enjoy a wide range of low potassium meals, safe in the knowledge that each of these recipes has been analysed and approved by kidney dietitians and is safe for people living with CKD to eat – but also delicious!
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Kidney-friendly eating: information, recipes and Kidney Kitchen videos

  • Cooking for kidney health

    Everything you need to know to prepare good, tasty food, modified by our team of chefs and kidney dietitians to fit more closely with the needs of people with CKD.

  • Kidney-friendly recipes

    Easy weeknight suppers, quick snacks and perfect puddings – the Kidney Kitchen website is packed with recipes to try. Follow the step-by-step instructions and enjoy!

  • Kitchen skills videos

    New to cooking? Our videos will help with basic skills – how to chop an onion, julienne a carrot, make crumble topping and know when your pasta is perfectly cooked.

How to use the Kidney Kitchen website

We've made it as simple as possible for you to make kidney-friendly choices and enjoy a wide variety of delicious and healthy food.
Kidney Kitchen nutritional advice

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Whether you fancy pasta, dal, burgers or hotpot, the Kidney Kitchen offers you kidney-friendly options that are delicious and approved by kidney dietitians. Enjoy!
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Latest kidney friendly recipes

  • 25-30 minutes

    Nathan Outlaw’s mushrooms on toast

  • 20-25 minutes

    Nathan Outlaw’s crab and chilli omelette

  • 15 minutes

    Nankhatai Indian shortbread

  • 20 minutes

    Rosemary and olive shortbread

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Kidney Kitchen's magazines are packed with mouth-watering recipes and useful tips to help you cook kidney-friendly food the whole family will enjoy.
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Nutritional advice from kidney dietitians

  • Lowering your potassium levels

    Potassium is a mineral that can build up in your body if your kidneys are not working properly. Some medicines can also increase your potassium levels. Read on for advice to help lower your potassium levels.

  • Choosing a plant-based diet with CKD

    Kidney Kitchen renal dietitian Angeline Taylor explains how eating more plant foods can help you stay well when you are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

  • A healthy diet and lifestyle for your kidneys

    Most people with kidney problems will benefit from a healthy diet. It is important to try to eat the right balance of foods to stay healthy.