Fighting for change

Kidney Care UK is working every day to improve the lives of everyone affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). We make sure the voices of kidney patients are heard by politicians and policy makers, to help them understand the challenges kidney disease can bring.

  • Our research uncovers the facts about kidney patients' lives and identifies variations in standards of care.
  • We use the results of our research to produce policy recommendations for government and the NHS.
  • Our policy work informs our tireless campaigning for improvements in care and support for kidney patients.

Latest policy updates from Kidney Care UK

  • General Election 2024

  • The injustice of prescription charges for kidney patients

  • Home dialysis energy reimbursement in Scotland

  • Scottish in-centre dialysis transport: change and improvements urgently required

Current Kidney Care UK campaigns

  • The financial burden of kidney failure

    Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects people from socially deprived groups more than others. To make things worse, CKD can put a major strain on personal finances.

  • Psychosocial health – a manifesto for action and a campaign for change

    Kidney health and psychosocial health go hand in hand. We want more people receive the psychosocial support they need to live with kidney disease. To campaign for effective change we’re using our manifesto for action with you, policymakers and the NHS.

  • Kidney Care UK promoting transplantation and organ donation

    While the aftermath of Covid-19 and stresses on the NHS have meant many more are waiting for a transplant we want to look at, break down and break through the barriers to transplantation.

Speak up for kidney patients

Contacting your MP

Your MP represents you in Parliament. We explain how to use Kidney Care UK's 'Email your MP' tool and share some advice and tips for the best ways to contact them and ask them to raise awareness and take action on chronic kidney disease and organ donation.
Contact your MP and ask them to take action for kidney patients

Our policy and campaigning work is underpinned by key principles, which we believe are the starting point for people with kidney disease receiving the care and support they need.

  • The impact of kidney disease must be acknowledged by NHS policy makers and government in service planning and funding.
  • Access to diagnosis, treatment and support should be equitable. Kidney disease should not result in financial hardship or social exclusion.
  • Kidney care and treatment should be tailored to each person’s needs and what matters most to them. It is ‘whole person care’.