Diary of a Kidney Warrior Podcast

Created in partnership with Kidney Care UK, Diary of a Kidney Warrior Podcast covers all aspects of living with chronic kidney disease.

Diary of a Kidney Warrior Podcast: episode 1

Diary of a Kidney Warrior Podcast: episode 1

"In launching my podcast, I wanted to bring to the table what I learned from my 20 years of working in the NHS as part of a multi-disciplinary team in speech and occupational therapy. I wanted to draw on my own negative health experiences, empowering others to be their own health manager and not a passive observer of their own medical care. I wanted to take the listener back to day one, the day their life changed forever when they were told that their kidneys were failing, when they weren’t in the emotional or psychological place to process the information they were being given, and create something that they could listen back to as many times as they needed to. I wanted to explore all areas of kidney disease and talk about difficult and sensitive subjects, but always with the message of hope."

Dee Moore's Kidney Warrior Story

Dee Moore was diagnosed with stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) in 2018. She decided to share her journey online, creating a vlog before moving into podcasting in the summer of 2020. Her Diary of a Kidney Warrior Podcast is now created in partnership with Kidney Care UK.

Dee says: “When I was discharged from hospital and was feeling lost, the first organisation that I reached out to was Kidney Care UK. To be able to pay that support forward and work together with Kidney Care UK who supported me in my hour of need to help my fellow Kidney Warriors is really an honour.

"Every aspect of CKD is open for exploration in the podcast and I have covered subjects such as mental health, sleep hygiene, understanding renal blood test results, deceased and living organ donation, and advice for newly diagnosed kidney warriors. I hope that listeners will feel educated, empowered and inspired to thrive within their own kidney warrior journey.”

The interviews in the podcast are intimate and informative, and each episode explores different aspects of kidney disease. It also aims to be encouraging and uplifting. Whether you live with kidney disease, or a family or friend does, this podcast will help you learn more.

Diary of a Kidney Warrior Podcast: listen now

New episodes of Diary of Kidney Warrior Podcast are available to download every other Monday from Podbean, Apple Podcast and Spotify. You can also listen to episodes on YouTube.