Kidney transplantation

Kidney transplantation is a treatment option for many patients who have long-term kidney failure. When you receive a kidney transplant, your damaged kidneys are replaced with a new kidney from either a living or deceased donor.

Receiving and donating a kidney

  • Stage 4 CKD, Stage 5 CKD (Kidney failure), Transplant

    Receiving a kidney

    The kidney transplantation explained, from joining the waiting list and donor and recipient matching to post-transplant life.

  • Transplantation treatment

    How transplants work: information about workup, blood tests, sensitisation, waiting lists, the operation and the recovery process you can expect.

  • Stage 4 CKD, Stage 5 CKD (Kidney failure), Transplant

    Donating a kidney

    Living kidney donors are healthy people who choose to give one of their kidneys to someone who needs it. Find out how your gift could transform someone's life.

  • 5,865 people

    are currently waiting to receive a kidney transplant in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
  • 1,000 people

    donate a kidney or part of their liver while they are still alive, across the United Kingdom, every year
  • 43,100 recipients

    in the UK have a functioning kidney transplant; kidneys are the most commonly transplanted organ

Campaigning for organ donation

Kidney Care UK has been at the forefront of changing organ donation laws and increasing awareness of transplantation.

Promoting transplantation in the UK

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