Our impact and annual reports

The impact of our work on the kidney community that we exist to serve as a charity is profound and wide-reaching across the UK.

The charity has directly and indirectly impacted tens of thousands of patients over the past decade.

The type of impact that we have on patients and those affected by CKD is diverse, whether that is on a kidney patient who receives a grant so that they can fuel their car or pay their electricity bill, a family member of a dialysis patient who needs counselling so they can better support their loved one, or a newly diagnosed kidney patient looking for information on eating well with CKD.

As demand for our direct services continues to grow and as we continue to raise the profile of CKD and how the charity can support those living with and affected by the condition, the impact that we make grows year on year.

Our impact in 2022

  • We spent over £1.5m on direct, one-to-one patient support, a 36% increase which enabled us to support more than 6,000 individuals.
  • Our patient information resources were accessed 488,000 times.
  • We launched a national Cost of Living campaign, Priced out of Existence, with Kidney Care UK and the challenges facing kidney patients raised at Prime Minister’s Questions and coverage in The Guardian and Daily Mail and on BBC and ITV news.
  • We relaunched our patient information partnership with the UK Kidney Association after the difficult pandemic years, as we continue to ensure universal access to the highest quality patient information.
  • We strengthened our young adult support and relaunched our Young Adult Kidney Group Residential Weekend at Mount Cook in Derbyshire after the isolation of the previous two years.
  • We continued to represent the voice of the patient community in campaigning for change at the highest level, with several notable policy successes including a universal commitment to patient transport in England, establishment of utility reimbursement for home dialysis patients, and the passage of the organ donation opt-out law in Northern Ireland.
  • We founded the National Psychosocial Working Group with lead organisations across renal social work, psychology, counselling and psychiatry and launched a campaign for every patient to have access to the highest quality wellbeing support.

All this was made possible by 3,520 fundraisers and supporters.

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