Kidney Care UK Patient Advisory Group

Our Patient Advisory Group (PAG) volunteers come together from across the UK to ensure that lived experiences – the patient voice – is heard and central to everything we do at Kidney Care UK.

Since 2014 we have been privileged to have the direct support of people with kidney disease and treatment forming our PAG. Their involvement is essential, helping Kidney Care UK to be:

  • Authentic, reflecting the diverse patient community and experiences of healthcare and treatment.
  • Accessible, so that our work is understood by all, and people know how to make contact.
  • Visible, so that people can see our work and recognise who we are.

Representing the patient community

At Kidney Care UK we strive to ensure complete representation of the patient community.

We want our PAG membership to consist of people from all four corners of the UK and be ethnically and age representative as well as providing current insight on dialysis and transplant treatments. We want to ensure we are relatable to all within our patient community, capturing all experiences.

Our PAG listens, advises and informs, ensuring:

  • we can respond with reliability to consultations and key developments
  • we can listen and sense check against our strategic goals and activities
  • we have reliable and representative insight
  • our activities and focus are truly informed by people with lived experience.

Join our Patient Advisory Group and help us support the kidney community

Our current 20 PAG members are either transplanted or on dialysis, with varying experience of patient involvement. Our members bring their voice and passion to our meetings and are respectful of differing views and experiences.

Patient Advisory Group

PAG meets four times per year, with one meeting in-person.

The group has worked on important issues like the Transplant Presumed Consent Bill, Covid-19, the cost of living crisis and psychosocial support for patients, while also participating in quality improvement and research studies.

Overall our PAG members feel their involvement is hugely positive and empowering, a learning opportunity that has brought them closer to Kidney Care UK and ultimately improving lives of kidney patients.

Joining the PAG provides an opportunity to:

  • meet fellow group members and review recent developments in kidney services across the UK
  • provide constructive feedback from the perspective of those affected by kidney disease, ensuring patient priorities and experiences are considered
  • offer advice, oversight, and guidance on Kidney Care UK activities and national and regional programmes of work
  • speak on behalf of people living with kidney disease
  • share details of local initiatives, grant-giving or fundraising opportunities with the charity.

Patient involvement is central to our work at Kidney Care UK.

If you would like to find out about different ways to get involved with the work of Kidney Care UK, please contact our Patient Ambassador & Involvement Lead Nick Palmer.

We would particularly love to hear from young adults, people receiving dialysis treatment and those with stage 3 or 4 CKD.