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We are the UK's leading kidney patient support charity

  • We provide practical, emotional and financial support to kidney patients and their families.
  • We campaign at a national and government level to improve kidney health and care services.
  • We fund patient-centred projects to help improve kidney care services throughout the UK.

Are you newly diagnosed?

Being diagnosed with a kidney condition can be a scary time. Find out about treatments across the five stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Helping you look after your kidney health

  • Take control of your kidney health

    Over 3 million people in the UK have chronic kidney disease (CKD) but many of them are not aware of it as they have no symptoms. People who have diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease may be more at risk.

  • Kidney conditions

    Find out more about different kidney-related conditions including chronic kidney disease (CKD), the medical term used to describe a wide range of conditions that result in long-term kidney damage.

  • Living with kidney disease

    Kidney disease affects different people in different ways, both physically and emotionally. It can impact on many aspects of life, including personal relationships, jobs and social life.

Latest news and events

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    US surgeons perform first living transplant of genetically-edited pig kidney

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    Share your views of the kidney transplant system

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"After my initial diagnosis I hid my feelings from friends and family, carrying on as if nothing had happened. Over time I felt worse and didn’t know where to turn until I found the Kidney Care UK website. Counselling has helped me turn a corner. Speaking openly and honestly, I feel I am now ready to face whatever comes my way."
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Kidney Kitchen: eat well to feel well

Explore a huge selection of tasty, kidney-friendly recipes the whole family will enjoy, developed and approved by kidney dietitians.
Delicious meals, snacks and desserts for people living with CKD

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