Research opportunities

See the latest research opportunities and how you can get involved.

Here you will find details of studies you may be interested in taking part in.

The projects and study teams are independent of Kidney Care UK and it is best to contact the teams directly for more information about each study. All studies have received independent ethical approval.

  • Service users' intention towards using mobile health app in hospitals

    Mobile health apps are increasingly used for managing health and well-being, empowering patients for self-advocacy and facilitating recovery for some patients. The aim of this study is to explore factors influencing inpatients' use of mHealth apps in hospitals.

  • Evaluating the acceptability of a kidney screener tool for determining health interventions in kidney disease

    This study aims to find out what kidney patients think about a short checklist which could be used in consultations to help start discussions about diet and fluid intake.

  • Understanding and reducing inequalities in kidney health care and outcomes in Scotland

    A study organised by the University of Aberdeen is looking for people with kidney disease aged 18-65 years to take part in a study to help them understand why kidney care in Scotland is not the same for everyone, and how to make it fairer.

  • Calciphylaxis: a qualitative study of patient experiences

    This study aims to evaluate patient experiences of calciphylaxis diagnosis and treatment, learn from patients to improve the care, experience and well-being of people diagnosed with calciphylaxis and raise awareness of calciphylaxis to help achieve earlier diagnosis and improve patient outcomes.

  • Sexual health assessment in kidney disease: an unmet need

    The aim of this study is to understand the experiences of people with kidney disease, and partners, undergoing sexual health assessment and to determine how best to carry out sexual health assessment in clinical practice.