Kidney conditions

Find out more about different kidney-related conditions including chronic kidney disease (CKD), the medical term used to describe a wide range of conditions that result in long-term kidney damage.

Rare kidney conditions: free resources for patients

Rare kidney conditions affect around 70 in 100,000 people and nearly all children with kidney failure have a rare disease. Rare kidney disease can be hard to diagnose, and it can be difficult to find accurate, up-to-date patient information for rare conditions. The Kidney Care UK Rare kidney conditions information hub offers specialist advice and details of support and patient groups.
Find rare renal conditions information and support

Living with one kidney

Most people with one kidney live normal, healthy lives. Understand why some people have one kidney instead of two, what medical care you can expect, what potential problems you should be aware of and how to protect your kidney health.
Life with one kidney: what you need to know