British Transplant Games

Kidney Care UK is proud to be a partner of the Games, which give transplanted patients of all ages the chance to engage in friendly competition while recognising and honouring the gift of life they have received from donors.

Kidney Care UK is proud to be a partner of the Westfield Health British Transplant Games.

Running for over 40 years, the Westfield Health British Transplant Games are a celebration of life organised on behalf of Transplant Sport.

Taking place in different host cities every summer, the Games see teams from hospitals across the UK come together to compete in a medley of sports.

The four-day event attracts around 1,000 transplant athletes and more than 1,700 supporters. Transplant recipients including children as young as three can compete in more than 25 sports.

While most of the patients will have undergone organ transplant surgery of some kind, such as a heart, lung or liver transplant, kidney patients are particularly well represented. Approximately 60% of transplant competitors in the Games are kidney recipients, or on dialysis, with around 300 child competitors.

British Transplant Games 2022 Birmingham

Kidney Care UK: proud supporters of the British Transplant Games

The British Transplant Games are the flagship event of Transplant Sport and aim to demonstrate the benefits of transplantation as well as increasing public awareness of the NHS Organ Donation Register.

The first “Transplant Olympics” took place in Portsmouth in 1978 when the Games were an international event and included teams from France, Greece and the USA.

Kidney Care UK has worked with Transplant Sport to support the Games for the last 10 years. For over 45 years, we have been helping kidney patients and their families to meet the daily and ongoing challenges of living with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

British Transplant Games Coventry 2023

The 2023 British Transplant games took place in Coventry in July.

Over the Games' four days, over 1000 transplant recipients took part in 25 events and 1,500 spectators cheered them on!