Kidney-friendly comfort food

The whole family will enjoy tucking into our hearty, filling meals on a chilly winter's evening.

Packed with flavour, every one of our comfort food favourite dishes is great for sharing or can be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer so it's ready to serve after a long day.

Kidney-friendly comfort food recipes

  • Simple one-pot sausage and lentil casserole

    Using delicious puy lentils this one-pot sausage stew makes a comforting weeknight meal. This is a simple hearty dish, low in phosphate and potassium but high in fibre.

  • Quick lamb and leek hotpot

    A quick version of a traditional British favourite which is rich and filling for a family dinner. This simple, quick to make dish is high in protein and low in potassium and phosphate. Perfect for a post-dialysis dinner.

  • Chicken, leek and tarragon pie

    A filling meal for all the family, this pie is rich, creamy and comforting - perfect for the weekend! When served with boiled vegetables (but no potatoes), it makes a great low potassium meal.

  • Vegetable stew with cheddar dumplings

    A tasty, filling, winter warmer for all the family to enjoy, our stew is packed with vegetables and low in salt, potassium and phosphate.

  • Steak and ale pie

    This rich, meaty pie is a hearty dish with lovely flavour and pastry crust. Any cheap cuts of beef will work well.

  • Shepherd’s pie with swede and carrot mash

    The Kidney Kitchen shepherd’s pie is made with swede and carrot mash instead of potato to keep the potassium content low. Why not try the vegetarian option using lentils, too?

  • Baked macaroni cheese

    A twist on a classic, this version of macaroni and cheese is a lovely comforting meal that can be frozen for batch cooking.

  • Red lentil Bolognese

    Delicious for vegans and meat eaters alike, this red lentil Bolognese is packed with flavour, yet it is low in salt. Plus, it's low potassium and low phosphate. It freezes well, making it perfect for batch cooking.

  • Nut and aubergine roast

    This low potassium, low phosphate and low salt recipe makes eight portions of nut roast and enough side vegetables for four people.