Kidney Care UK Hospital Grants 2024

Our Hospital Grants fund a wide range of patient projects, pieces of equipment, renal unit infrastructure, and staff posts such as renal social workers, physiotherapists, renal counsellors and youth workers. The following are the major grants we have awarded in 2024.

Shared Haemodialysis Care (SHC)

Post: Shared Haemodialysis Care Training and Network Lead

The shared haemodialysis care programme supported by KCUK over five years has been a major influence in service change for patients across the UK providing empowerment, control and increased independence. The virtual training format where health care professionals (HCPs) and patients learn and improve together, creates a strong model for future partnership work. This is maintained by the established HCP community of practice and a growing pool of patients keen to contribute to the wider community following the training. Work has commenced utilising the patient voice to influence resources and new routes for learning. This has been received positively by HCPs and has stimulated the interest and development of patients as expert contributors to improve shared care and service delivery. This particular element is driving future work plans.

South East Scotland KPA

Project/ Equipment: Caravan replacement (Berwick Holiday Centre)

Our association has owned, for many years, a caravan at Berwick Holiday Centre. This gives our patients and carers a well needed break, throughout the year. We also offer this service to the Fife KPA, who have used it several times.

The Kidney Care UK Grant if approved will enable the procurement of an eight berth holiday caravan to replace an old unit. The new caravan will be designed to provide the facilities required by Renal Patients, including wheelchair access, and would provide facilities needed to improve life for kidney patients. The caravan is to be used as a respite facility for our members, carers and their families. The pressures of being dependent on Haemo-dialysis, CAPD or a transplant generates increased levels of stress in the family situation. The ability to benefit from a period of respite from those stresses is a bonus and the use of the caravan is a welcome break. The facility will be used by South East Scotland KPA and Fife KPA members.

Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust

Equipment: 1 X MOTOmed Layson machine

Provision or intradialytic exercise for patients undergoing haemodialysis. Intradialytic exercise is considered a method of enhancing quality of life for patients receiving dialysis. Each patient would be assessed to ensure that they are fit for exercise on dialysis and a plan devised to achieve moderate level activity three times per week, for at least 30 minutes, lasting for at least four months.