Welcome to the Kidney Kitchen

We know that good, tasty food is what we all look forward to. This doesn’t change when you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

To be able to enjoy a tasty Sunday brunch with a partner, a hearty meal with our family or a piece of cake now and again is important to everyone; it’s personal and connects us with the people who matter to us.

Good nutrition is important, and especially so when you have CKD. It is for this reason that in 2018, Kidney Care UK, working in partnership with the British Dietetic Association Renal Nutrition Group (RNG), developed the Kidney Kitchen.

In the Kidney Kitchen we bring together the creative talents of professional chefs who understand food and know how to combine different ingredients, with a team of experienced kidney dietitians who help modify the recipes to make them better suited to the dietary needs of people with CKD.

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Kidney-friendly food the whole family will enjoy

What has come out of our chefs and dietitians partnership is an exciting and rapidly expanding range of colourful, tasty meals, snacks, cakes and puddings. Every beautifully photographed recipe card is easy to follow and carries a range of hints and tips to help you if you’re not a confident cook. If you are a whizz in the kitchen already, you can compare your finished dish with our chef's!

The days of being given lists telling you what foods you can or can’t eat are long gone. Instead, the Kidney Kitchen, combined with advice and support from your kidney dietitian, will help you stay well with CKD.

As our range develops to incorporate even more culturally diverse influences, we look forward to a time where the conversation changes from ‘why can’t I eat that food?’ to ‘this food tastes amazing!’

We hope you will join us on that journey.