Low salt, kidney-friendly recipes you can enjoy every day!

A collection of kidney-dietitian approved recipes suitable for everyone to enjoy, every day.

We know how important it is for our recipes to fit in with the dietary advice you have been given by your kidney dietitian. So, every one of our Kidney Kitchen recipes is very carefully analysed and then approved by the British Dietetic Association Renal Nutrition Specialist Group (RNG).

Manage your kidney diet the delicious way

We have recipes suitable for every stage of kidney disease and for all seasons and occasions.

Each Kidney Kitchen recipe comes with a comprehensive set of Food Facts to help you manage your diet.

If you are also living with diabetes, the per-portion carbohydrate value is also provided.

Many of our recipes include the option to adapt one or two ingredients to make the dish vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free.

We have also included hints and tips on how to make the recipes even healthier, how to reduce the cost with cheaper options and how to safely store and use up any leftovers.


Your step-by-step guide to kidney friendly meals

In easy-to-follow steps, Kidney Kitchen recipes show you how to prepare and cook delicious meals at home, even if you are new to cooking!

Choose from pea and mint risotto, pork medallions with apples and mustard or homemade fish and chips with mushy peas. Or why not be inspired by our guest chefs and try Caribbean oven baked fish, tandoori chicken or dal makhani?

We can also offer you tasty and comforting choices like macaroni cheese, red lentil Bolognese and even pizza.

Look through our everyday and low salt collection and plan your next dinner now!

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