Kidney friendly chocolate recipes

Our Kidney Kitchen collection of delicious chocolate treats is perfect if you have a sweet tooth, and the recipes are all approved by kidney dietitians and suitable for every stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Concerned that a chocolate treat is completely off the menu when you are living with CKD? The good news is you can still satisfy your craving and minimise the potassium and phosphate.

Kidney Kitchen kidney dietitian Angeline Taylor suggests choosing a chocolate-coated or chocolate-covered option like a Kit Kat, Breakaway or Blue Riband bar, rather than a solid chocolate bar.

Kidney Kitchen also offers a chocolate recipes collection, as well as advice on kidney-friendly baking.

When it comes to food and nutrition, there is no one-size-fits-all advice for people living with kidney disease. Your kidney dietitian will be able to tell you what you should be watching out for (for example, low potassium, low phosphate, high or low protein). Kidney Kitchen makes these recommendations easy to follow, with recipes that have analysed by kidney dietitians and approved by the BDA Renal Nutrition Group. So you all you have to do is enjoy the food!

Kidney Kitchen chocolate recipes

  • Chocolate and nut shortbread

    A wonderful way to enjoy nuts and chocolate that’s still low in potassium and phosphate! This is a nice and easy recipe that the kids can get involved in.

  • Chocolate profiteroles with Chantilly cream

    These choux pastry profiteroles are filled with Chantilly cream then drizzled with chocolate. They make a simple but impressive dessert.

  • Red velvet loaf cake

    Just like the classic, this red velvet cake is a deep rich red with vanilla and cocoa flavour. Topped with a tasty vegan cream cheese frosting, it’s perfect for any special occasion.

  • Chocolate and orange loaf

    This chocolate and orange loaf is a really simple cake that tastes amazing and lasts really well.

  • Chocolate pots

    A luxurious and indulgently rich chocolate dessert that’s low in potassium and phosphate. The perfect treat to impress your dinner party guests!

More kidney-friendly sweet treats

  • 6 kidney-friendly sweet treats

    When it comes to sweet snacks, including just a little taste of the thing we are most craving helps to decrease feelings of denial and increase enjoyment, without putting health at risk. Here are six sweet treat suggestions to do just that!

  • Kidney-friendly baking: how to bake with fewer phosphate additives

    Living with kidney disease doesn’t mean missing out on all baked goods, even on a low-phosphate diet. Kidney Kitchen recommends some tips and tweaks to help make your bakes a little more kidney-friendly.

  • Halloween gingerbread cookies

    These tasty gingerbread cookies can be iced for different occasions and are low in potassium and phosphate, as well as free from phosphate additives.