General Election 2024

With an election on the horizon, we are calling on the next government to improve care for people in the UK living with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Whichever party wins the election, it is an opportunity to get better support and treatment in place for kidney patients. Kidney Care UK have contacted all political parties to explain why action on CKD is so important and what changes are necessary for everyone to get the care and support they need.

Why the next government must act on CKD

  • 7.2 million people in the UK have chronic kidney disease (CKD).
  • 70,000 people are currently receiving treatment for kidney failure (on dialysis or with a transplant), including 1,000 children.
  • £6.4 billion is the estimated cost to the NHS of CKD in the UK in 2023. Sharp increases in CKD prevalence and cost will continue with an ageing population and projected growth in diabetes and other risk factors such as high blood pressure.

What are we calling for the government to do?

  • Increase early identification and access to treatment for those with kidney disease. Almost two out of three people with a high chance of developing CKD are not told of their risk. We want more people to get early care and support that can help delay CKD progression.
  • Ensure equal access to mental health and social care support. Kidney disease is difficult to live with and one in three people with CKD develop depression. Many kidney patients also need support with things like housing and welfare benefits. We want acknowledgement of these wider needs and access to the right support at the right time.
  • Remove the financial burden of kidney disease – it is not fair that living with CKD can come with lots of extra costs, like prescription charges, travelling to hospital and running medical equipment at home. We want reform of the unfair prescription charging system and fair reimbursement for energy and dialysis travel costs.
  • Support all communities to improve kidney health and end inequalities – some groups in our society are hit harder by CKD and we want everyone to get the care they need. People from Black and South Asian communities are more likely to develop kidney disease and, because there are not enough suitable organs available, wait longer for a kidney transplant.
  • Enable more life-saving transplants – we want more resources to tackle the transplant waiting lists, which have not recovered from Covid-19. A kidney transplant is considered the gold standard of treatment for kidney failure. Around 5,700 people are waiting for a kidney transplant in the UK and every week five patients die needing a transplant

We will be sharing more on our plans for the general election over the coming months, including questions you might like to pose to your local candidates. We would love your support in getting CKD on the political agenda!

Download the Kidney Care UK General Election policy briefing

Help us to influence change

  • Contacting your MP

    Your MP represents you in Parliament. If you want them to act on the issues that matter to you, you can email or write to them, invite them to an event you’re organising or arrange to meet them in person. We share some advice and tips for effective campaigning about chronic kidney disease and organ donation and explain how to use Kidney Care UK's 'Email your MP' tool.

  • Join Kidney Care Campaigners

    We share some advice and tips for effective campaigning about chronic kidney disease and organ donation and explain how to use Kidney Care UK's 'Email your MP' tool.