Black Living Donor Choir raise their voices to raise awareness of living kidney donation

The Black Living Donor Choir is on a mission to get the Black community talking about living kidney donation.

In 2022, Dela Idowu set up the Black Living Donor Choir driven by a desire to help transform people's lives. Each member of the choir is a living donor, having donated a kidney to a family member who had kidney failure.

"Having surgery is difficult, but if you've got somebody within your family that needs a transplant you can change their life, transform their life by becoming a living donor," explains Dela, who is also a guest chef in our Kidney Kitchen.

The Black Living Donor Choir, based in Brixton, south London, are making a musical appeal for Black living kidney donors.

"We took a risk and had an operation we didn’t need," say the Choir members. "We are ordinary Black men and women who made the decision to improve the life of loved ones, friends and even strangers by donating one of our kidneys."