Learn more: Kidney Matters issue 24, spring 2024

The following is where to find further information relating to articles that appeared in issue 24 of Kidney Matters magazine.

Pages 10-13: Kidney Clinic Charcot foot and peripheral neuropathy

Charcot foot is a rare, but very serious complication, yet there is little awareness of the condition among people who are at risk: those with nerve damage in their feet.

Pages 24-26: Celebrating the Wins

Everyone’s experience of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is unique and a highly personal journey, full of lows and highs and for some, really difficult times. Here, Terry Chittock shares his tumultuous journey through CKD, including experiencing – but ultimately surviving – some truly dark times, to offer hope to others struggling with the reality of such a relentless health condition.

Pages 28-29: It was not a difficult decision to accept an HCV+ kidney

In the previous issue, we reported that kidneys from hepatitis C-positive (HCV+) deceased donors are now being offered to people waiting for a transplant. David Webster was one of the first people in the UK to accept one of these kidneys.

Pages 34-35: A golden night to remember

A fab-yule-ously festive night featuring the Black Living Donor Choir at London’s iconic Leadenhall Market proved a magical start to Christmas – and helped raise awareness about the value of living donation.