Campaigning for everyone affected by kidney disease

As the UK’s leading kidney patient support charity we work with you. to make sure the voices of people living with CKD are heard by politicians and policy makers, so they understand the challenges kidney disease bring and what can help.

Our priorities for a better life with kidney disease range from vital early disease awareness and intervention to pushing for a full choice of access to kidney care treatments such as more transplantations and your choice of dialysis to best fit with your needs and personal circumstances.

CKD affects up to 10% of the UK population (yet many do not know they have it), and there are many inequalities in diagnosis and access to transplantation which our work seeks to highlight and address.

When situations change we change our focus, so during the Covid-19 pandemic we worked hard to provide the best information for you, highlighting the needs of people who were vulnerable to the disease.

Right now, our priorities include

  • increasing transplantations
  • increasing earlier detection of CKD
  • promoting greater psychosocial health support
  • continuing to point out and push for reductions and reimbursements of the financial costs of kidney failure.

Why we campaign for change

Lack of attention to CKD is costing lives and risks putting unsustainable pressure on the NHS.

You have told us you want this to change.


We carry out research so that we can find evidence on which to develop policy.


We make recommendations for action and urge those in power to address gaps in support.


We use this work to campaign to create a fairer society for people with kidney disease.