Kidney friendly festive favourites

Enjoy wide range of festive meals, puddings and cakes to help you celebrate Christmas with your family and friends, safe in the knowledge that each of these recipes is safe for people living with CKD to eat – but also delicious!

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If you thought that indulging in a full range of festive favourites and tempting treats at Christmas time is off the menu for people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD), we have some great news for you!

Each of the recipes on our Festive Favourites menu has been carefully analysed by kidney dietitians and approved by the British Dietetic Association Renal Nutrition Group (RNG) as being safe for people living with CKD to eat. And if you think that must mean that we have compromised on taste – think again! Our Kidney Kitchen Festive Favourites menu is bursting with flavour.

We know that everyone living with CKD will have slightly different diet requirements and so we recommend that you speak to your kidney dietitian for more personalised advice.

Each of our Festive Favourites comes with detailed and easy-to-understand ‘Food facts’ where you can identify:

  • low potassium recipes
  • advice on when to take any phosphate binders you have been prescribed
  • the per-portion carbohydrate content to help you calculate your insulin dose if you are also living with diabetes (and have been trained in insulin adjustment)
  • how to modify each recipe if you follow a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diet.

Kidney Kitchen Festive Favourites menu

  • Christmas turkey crown with all the trimmings

    We have adapted the traditional recipe with lots of extra flavour in the vegetables and kept it low potassium, low phosphate and low salt. This leaves an allowance for a festive treat during the day.

  • Christmas cake

    This Christmas cake recipe contains tinned prunes in place of the dried fruit to reduce the potassium content, making it suitable for those on a low potassium diet.

  • Traditional mince pies

    This is a simple recipe to make homemade mincemeat for traditional mince pies. Using apple and less dried fruit makes this a great festive treat that is low in potassium, phosphate and salt.

  • Gingerbread Christmas log

    A twist on the traditional yule log, this version is made without chocolate or dried fruit, making it a great low potassium festive indulgence suitable for everyone. With a little effort, this is a festive showstopper!

  • Steamed Christmas pudding

    This delicious version of a Christmas pudding uses less fruit than a traditional recipe but still has all the festive flavour. It's low potassium and is an ideal treat for the season.

  • Christmas pudding cheesecake

    This is a tasty, alternative festive dessert, combining all the flavours of Christmas pudding with a creamy cheesecake. By using a smaller amount of Christmas pudding between 10 servings, this indulgent treat is lower in potassium than a traditional Christmas pudding.

  • Nut and aubergine roast

    This low potassium, low phosphate and low salt recipe makes eight portions of nut roast and enough side vegetables for four people.

  • Brie and cranberry parcels

    These tasty filo pastry parcels make a sophisticated treat. Filled with creamy Brie, sweet cranberry and a walnut crunch.

  • Sausage Christmas tree

    This twist on a sausage roll makes for a fun and festive savoury showstopper in the shape of a Christmas tree.

  • Turkey curry

    A filling, mildly spicy dish with lots of flavour that is high in protein, low in potassium, phosphate and salt. A perfect dish if you are receiving dialysis.