Help shape the independent UK Covid-19 Inquiry

Covid-19 affected every single person in the UK and had a significant impact on people with kidney disease and their families and loved ones. We know that for many people, and on numerous occasions, there was a feeling that our community was ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and that our voices were not being heard. This is our chance to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and lessons are learned.

While the pandemic is far from over for many people, this is your opportunity to share the impact it had on you. Your story can help to inform the Inquiry’s investigations and give you the chance to share what you think could be learned, what could have been done better, or differently, or if something was done well.

Take part in the UK Covid-19 Inquiry

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry is the public inquiry set up to examine the UK’s response to and impact of the pandemic. The Inquiry is independent from the government and is completely impartial.

The Inquiry wants to hear from as many people as possible, from different communities across the UK, and especially those most significantly impacted, like ours. We know some experiences are painful to talk about, and sometimes it’s difficult thinking back, but the Inquiry needs to hear from our community. Your unique and individual experience is valuable, more so than you might think, as it will help the Inquiry to understand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on people with kidney disease and their loved ones, friends, families and colleagues.

Inquiry chairwoman, Baroness Heather Hallett, told us: "The pandemic affected every single person in the UK and, in many cases, continues to have a lasting impact on lives. Yet every experience is unique. By sharing the personal impact the pandemic had on you, your life and your loved ones, you can help me and the inquiry's legal team to shape my recommendations so that the UK is better prepared in the future. The scale of the pandemic was unprecedented, but no one's story is the same as yours, so please help me understand the full picture by sharing your story. Every single story will matter."

Share your experience to ensure the kidney community's voices are heard

To share your story, visit Every Story Matters and you will be taken to a short online form. All of the experiences shared will be collated, analysed and turned into themed reports, which will be submitted into each relevant investigation as evidence. The reports will be anonymised.

Fiona Loud, Policy Director at Kidney Care UK, adds: “At Kidney Care UK we encourage everyone with kidney disease, as well as their family members, to ensure they take part in the Inquiry by sharing their experiences as part of Every Story Matters. The pandemic continues to impact the lives of people living with kidney disease, and many of the people we support have told us that felt like they were not being seen or listened to at various times over the last three years. This opportunity means that all of the voices in the kidney community can be heard and that lessons can be learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, so that we are better prepared for any global disease outbreaks in future.”

Understandably for some, revisiting these experiences may trigger difficult feelings and emotions – there is a range of support services provided at Every Story Matters if you need to speak to someone.

The Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry has also launched its listening project, Let's Be Heard. This is the main way people in Scotland can take part in the Inquiry by sharing their experiences of the pandemic.