Setting up your fundraising page

You can create an online fundraising page in minutes! These pages are a quick and easy way to share details of your fundraising event far and wide.

There are a number of online fundraising platforms to choose from, but all can be set up in just a few minutes and help get your fundraising journey off to a great start.

We recommend Just Giving and Enthuse, but you are welcome to use others too.

Set up your JustGiving pageSet up your Enthuse page

What are the benefits of using an online fundraising page?

  • Keep it simple. All online platforms make setting up your page quick and easy. Create and account, add in your fundraising details and and you're page will be ready in minutes.
  • Keep it personal. Once created, your page is your canvas! Make it yours with photos, updates and even link to your favourite fitness app if you are taking on a physical challenge.
  • No admin for you. When a donation is made to your page, this (along with any eligible Gift Aid) will come automatically to Kidney Care UK. There's nothing you need to do.

Check out our top tips to make your page a success!

Set up your fundraising page

Fundraising help and tips

  • Fundraise with us

    Whatever you've got planned, we'll support you every step of the way, from ordering materials and setting up fundraising pages to paying in your funds after your event.

  • Keeping it legal

    We want you to put the fun into fundraising, but here are some top tips to keep your fundraising safe and legal.

  • Paying in your donations

    Now that you've done all the hard work and your fundraising is complete, here's how to send your donations to us.