London Marathon - terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all fundraisers taking part in the London Marathon, with a Kidney Care UK charity place. Please be aware, you will be asked to agree to these terms when paying your registration fee.

Our charity places will be allocated via an application process. Kidney Care UK (“KCUK”, “The Charity”, “We”, “Our”) reserve the right to close applications at any point.

The following terms and conditions have been written to make clear the obligations of KCUK and the runner, should they be successful in their application.

I agree:

  • I will raise a minimum of £2,500 sponsorship (excl. gift Aid) by June 2025.
  • On race day (20 April 2025) I will be at least 18 years of age.
  • To ensure 100% of donations raised on and offline, will come to KCUK and won’t be split with other charities.
  • To inform Kidney Care UK at the earliest possible opportunity if I have had to withdraw from or cancel my event due to injury or other circumstances.
  • To be responsible for completing the official event registration system ahead of the specified deadline.
  • To promote all fundraising activities in line with fundraising Regulator standards and applying for collector and gambling licenses where required.
  • To have raised at least £500 by 1 December 2025 (or have agreement with The Charity based on when you were offered your place).
  • To not resell or offer for auction any Kidney Care UK merchandise without prior permission.
  • To show the charity any material bearing the Kidney Care UK name or logo, or that discusses the work of the organisation, prior to printing and distribution.
  • To use my best endeavours to raise money for KCUK, and not do anything to bring Kidney Care UK into disrepute.

Kidney Care UK agree:

  • To offer a charity place in writing, and make clear the registration fee and minimum fundraising pledge for the place.
  • To clearly communicate the official registration process and deadline.
  • To provide London Marathon Events (LME) with Your full name and email address. This will be processed in accordance with LMEL’s Privacy Policy.
  • To provide charity runners with full fundraising and training support.
  • To send charity runners a fundraising pack and one technical t-shirt / vest*.
  • To reserve the right to withdraw a runner's place if (unless otherwise agreed) no funds have been raised by 1 January 2025.

* Item of clothing may differ depending on availability

General Conditions:

Applications: All applications must be submitted via the KCUK website

  • Charity places will be offered over the telephone in the first instance. Due to the demand in places, we will attempt to contact applicants via phone, a maximum of three times, and email (via contact details given on the application). If no response is received, within one working week of our last attempt, KCUK reserve the right to offer the place to the next applicant.
  • The Charity assess deferrals on a case-by-case basis.

Registration fee: The registration fee is £50 per charity place and is non-refundable, unless agreed otherwise with KCUK.

Official Registration: Charity places will be offered by KCUK, however runners are required to register officially with London Marathon Events Ltd (LMEL) to fully secure their place.

  • An entry link will be sent to successful runners directly by LMEL. Runners are required to follow the link to complete their registration before the specified deadline. The deadline is governed by LMEL and no extensions will be given under any circumstance. Although KCUK will communicate this, extension is outside of KCUK’s control.
  • LMEL reserve the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse to allow entry to the Event to any runner.
  • Failure to complete the official registration will mean the place will be lost.

Fundraising: We recommend using online fundraising pages for The TCS London Marathon. The official fundraising partner for the Event is ‘Enthuse’ but we also recommend JustGiving.

  • Gift Aid is not included in your fundraising total as this isn’t guaranteed on all donations. However, KCUK encourage sponsors (if they eligible) to Gift Aid their donations– as this could increase your overall fundraising by 25% at no extra cost to them or the runner.
  • If runners are unable to raise the £2,500 minimum sponsorship or need extra time to do so, we encourage them to let KCUK know so arrangements can be made to support them.
  • You pledge to raise the minimum sponsorship target (“Minimum Sponsorship”) for The Charity as a result of your participation in the Event and understand that it is the aim of the Event to raise as much as possible in aid of Kidney Care UK. You will agree to the specific target for your event during registration.
  • You will use your best endeavours to reach the minimum target set and will communicate with The Charity if your circumstances change that inhibit your capacity to fundraise. The Charity will not ask fundraisers to personally make up any shortfall in funds but will encourage and support with time extensions to help reach your target.
  • If agreed, any fundraising milestones are not met ahead of the event, The Charity reserves the right to withdraw the Charity Place and/or not fund the charity place.
  • If organising fundraising events, You must not place any undue pressure on potential donors or carry out activities that could harm The Charity’s reputation.
  • You will be responsible for gaining any and all relevant permissions / licences required for your fundraising activity from the applicable authorities prior to said activity (with support from the fundraising team).
  • You must comply with all appropriate health and safety, alcohol, food or drink and gambling legislation whilst carrying out your fundraising.
  • You understand that all monies raised in connection with the event are held on trust for Kidney Care UK, and therefore you have a legal responsibility to ensure all sponsorship monies/donations received in connection with the event are passed to us. Further support on how to donate your sponsorship can be found on our Resources page.
  • Any cheques will be made payable to “Kidney Care UK” and sent directly to The Charity at the registered address, along with your full name, address and event details.
  • You will endeavour to send all fundraising to The Charity no later than 8 weeks post the Event date. We will thank participants for any received fundraising at this point, unless requested otherwise.
  • We will provide help and advice with your fundraising activities and aim to help you raise as much as possible.

Public ballot: The TCSLM 2025 is also a public balloted event and we encourage runners to apply for a ballot place as well as complete a charity application.

  • If successful in gaining a charity place as well as a ballot place, KCUK requests runner to notify them as soon as possible as this will allow us to allocate the charity place to another applicant.
  • The public ballot for TCSLM 2024 will open on Sunday 21 April 2024 for up to 6 days.

Health and Safety

  • All Charity place participants take part in the Event at their own risk.
  • The Charity presumes you are medically fit and that you participate in the event at your own risk. Kidney Care UK cannot be held responsible for injury or illness resulting from your participation.
  • The Charity understands that those living with kidney disease wish to take on challenges to support The Charity and we would encourage this, as long as this didn’t impact on their health as a result. The Charity would ask kidney patients (or anyone living with a chronic condition or pre existing injury) looking to take on such activities, seek independent advice and are signed off to participate, before registering.
  • During The Event, The Event Organiser will be responsible for ensuring your safety. Emergency contact and/ or health information may be requested separately within 4 weeks of the event, for this reason.
  • Insurance: The Charity does not provide insurance to participants participating or attending events.


  • You shall be responsible for arranging any required insurance/s in relation to any fundraising activities planned by you.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these T&Cs shall exclude or limit Kidney Care UK’s liability in relation to personal injury or death resulting from negligence or breach of statutory duty on The Charity’s part.
  • The Charity will not be held liable for:
    • any accident/injury resulting in a loss or damage to You where it is sustained from participating in The Event.
    • any damage/loss as a result of cancellation or changes to The Event, that are beyond The Charity’s control.
    • any accident/injury sustained as a result of an undisclosed pre-existing medical condition or injury.

Withdrawal / Deferral

  • Should You wish to withdraw, You must send written notification of this to your charity contact or [email protected].
  • Deferral of places is at The Charity’s discretion and must be discussed with the fundraising team. The Charity cannot guarantee a deferral but will do everything they can to make sure your Charity Place is fulfilled.


  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Should You not be able to take part in The Event due to reasons out of your control every effort will be made to arrange a transfer to a preferable event/time.

Refusal of Entry

  • The Charity reserves the right to refuse your Charity Place, or to end Your participation in the Event if:
    • You fail to complete any required Event Console.
    • You have not raised the agreed minimum fundraising pledge agreed (£2,500) and no other arrangements have been agreed.
    • by participating, you would be going against medical / health advice to not participate.

Event Cancellation

  • You agree that should the Event Organiser cancel / postpone or change the Event arrangements, their terms and conditions will apply.
  • The Charity will use reasonable endeavours to communicate any such changes as soon as possible to You.
  • Should the Event Organiser cancel the Event, The Charity will offer a full refund of the Registration fee.

Event Photography

  • The Charity will have a professional photographer on race day. If you wish for your photos not to be used in future (e.g. marketing materials, advertising and publications) by KCUK, please let us know by email [email protected]. .
  • You have the right to say you would prefer not to have your photo used or when you want us to stop using the picture/video.
  • We will not include any personal details on our website, video, social media or printed publications.