Own place - terms and conditions

Please read the following if you're interested in taking part in a challenge event for Kidney Care UK where you have a place of your own.


“The Charity” means Kidney Care UK (Reg Charity No 270288 (England and Wales) and SCO48198 (Scotland)).

“You/Your” refers to the participant in The Event.

“The Event” is any event being registered for directly through a third-party company (“Event Organiser”) not The Charity.

“Own place” is an event place purchased by You, from the event organiser.


  1. Your registration in the event and all associated administration, is Your responsibility.
  2. Your registration terms and agreement will be governed by the Event Organisers conditions not The Charity.
  3. You must ensure you or other participants are adhering to any minimum age limit set by the Event Organiser.
  4. The Charity dos not have contact with all third party event organisers. Therefore, should you require logistical information regarding your place or the event itself (timings, registration, transportation etc) you must get in touch with the organiser directly.


  1. You do not have a minimum fundraising target/pledge to raise.
  2. When organising fundraising events, You must not place any undue pressure on potential donors or carry out activities that could harm The Charity’s reputation.
  3. You will be responsible for gaining any and all relevant permissions / licences required for your fundraising activity from the applicable authorities prior to said activity (with support from the fundraising team).
  4. You must comply with all appropriate health and safety, alcohol, food or drink and gambling legislation whilst carrying out your fundraising.
  5. We acknowledge that your participation in your event may be raising funds for numerous charities and not solely Kidney Care UK. We fully support this, however, we do ask that any monies raised for Kidney Care UK, including sponsorship or donations are sent to us at your earliest convenience. Further information on how to donate your sponsorship can be found on our website, here.
  6. Any cheques will be made payable to “Kidney Care UK” and sent directly to The Charity at the registered address, along with your full name, address and event details.

Health and Safety

  1. You will take part in the Event at your own risk.
  2. You will be taking part in an event at your own risk. To the best of your knowledge you are medically fit with no pre existing conditions/injuries that could precluded your participation.
  3. The Charity fully encourages those living with kidney disease to take on challenges/events of their choosing. However, we would ask any kidney patients (or anyone living with a chronic condition or pre existing injury) to seek independent medical advice and seek sign off (where necessary) before registering.
  4. During The Event, The Event Organiser will be responsible for ensuring your safety. Emergency contact and/ or health information may be requested separately nearer to the event and is your responsibility to supply this.
  5. Insurance: The Charity does not provide insurance to participants participating or attending events.


  1. You shall be responsible for arranging any required insurance/s in relation to The Event and fundraising activities.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these T&Cs shall exclude or limit Kidney Care UK’s liability in relation to personal injury or death resulting from negligence or breach of statutory duty on The Charity’s part.
  3. The Charity will not be held liable for:
  • any accident/injury resulting in a loss or damage to You where it is sustained from participating in The Event.
  • any damage/loss as a result of cancellation or changes to The Event, that are beyond The Charity’s control.
  • any accident/injury sustained as a result of an undisclosed pre-existing medical condition or injury.

Withdrawal / Deferral

  1. Any deferral request (for any reason) must be submitted to the Event Organiser in line with their policies and not to The Charity.


  1. Any registration refund requests must be submitted to the Event Organiser and not The Charity.

Event Cancellation

  1. You agree that should the Event Organiser cancel / postpone or change the Event arrangements, their terms and conditions will apply.
  2. The Charity shall not be responsible for any additional costs relating to your place including (but not limited to) accommodation, travel or sustenance costs.

Event Photography

  1. Should you send any photographs and/or videos of your participation within the event to the Charity, we will presume you are happy for these to be used on the Charity's social media channels and/or for marketing materials, advertising and publications. We will always confirm where and when images are to be used ahead of publication, to make sure nothing has changed.
  2. You have the right to say you would prefer not to have your photo used or when you want us to stop using the picture/video.
  3. We will not include personal contact details on our website, video, social media or printed publications.