Young Adult Kidney Group: the online community for kidney patients aged 16-30

Young adults living with kidney disease can access free online peer support from the Young Adult Kidney Group (YAKG). It's easy to sign up and join the friendly, welcoming community.

Kidney disease can be uniquely challenging for young adults. From low self-esteem to feeling isolated, young adults can end up feeling separated from others by their condition.

YAKG is the dedicated peer support community for young people with kidney disease. With over 1,000 members aged 16-30, YAKG offers support via a closed Facebook group, as well as a free annual residential weekend at Mount Cook Adventure Centre.

Members of YAKG say they benefit from being part of a community facing similar struggles.

[I’ve] made so many friends over the years going through similar experiences and knowing they can relate to you. This group has helped my confidence so much.
YAKG member

Helping your patients join the YAKG online community

All 16-30 year olds with kidney disease are welcome to join the group. It doesn’t matter what stage they are at, or what sort of treatment they are undergoing, and no referral is necessary.

To join, young adults just need to sign up with the Young Adult Kidney Group online.

The peer support team can also signpost to appropriate help, should a YAKG member need it. This could be a Kidney Care UK regional Patient Support & Advocacy Officer or a Kidney Care UK renal counsellor.

If you are a healthcare provider interested in learning more about the Young Adult Kidney Group, please email YAKG Team Leader Holly Loughton.

The best decision I ever made as a young patient was to be a part of this group.
YAKG member

YAKG community residential weekend: free for young adults with kidney disease to attend

As well as the daily support on offer from the online community, YAKG holds an annual residential weekend at the Mount Cook Adventure Centre, funded by Kidney Care UK.

The weekend provides an opportunity for YAKG members to spend time in person with other people who really know what it’s like to live with kidney disease as a young adult.

For many members, this residential might be the first time they’ve ever met someone else their own age with chronic kidney disease (CKD), or had the opportunity to talk about dialysis, a transplant, or other treatment in an environment where they feel comfortable.

The weekend is also a chance for participants to challenge themselves physically by taking part in activities whilst enjoying socialising with people in a similar position.

Costs are fully funded by Kidney Care UK, so participants do not have to pay for their time at the adventure centre.

For more details of the YAKG Mount Cook weekend please email YAKG Team Leader Holly Loughton.

It’s nice knowing I’m not alone in this world and there are other people going through similar situations.
YAKG member
Mount Cook 2023 Kidney Kitchen session
YAKG members at the Kidney Kitchen workshop session at Mount Cook in September 2023