Donate stamps

Recycling your used stamps is a great way to support us and we’ve raised over £13,000 through old stamp and coin donations since 2017.

Recycle and donate your stamps to benefit charities

How do used stamp donations help charities?

It sounds unusual, but there is money to be had in your used postage stamps, so much so that 1kg of stamps you donate generates around £20 of income to support kidney patients.

Sending us your old postage stamps is a zero-cost way of supporting us and our donors send us hundreds of kilograms of stamps each year.

  1. Collect your used stamps. In fact, collect everyone’s used stamps, from work or local business to those from your neighbours, family, and friends. We would love to receive letter and postage stamps, special stamps, and commemorative stamps (these stamps are all known as philatelic stamps). Unfortunately, we are unable to use any pre-printed or pre-paid stamps or labels (such as the large gold labels from the Post Office).
  2. Trim and separate your stamps. Please trim your stamps to have a finger’s width (or 1cm) of paper all the way around and then separate them into British or foreign stamps (Channel Island and Isle of Man count as foreign).
  3. Post your stamps to us. The address is Stamps & Coins Appeal, Kidney Care UK, 3 The Windmills, St Mary's Close, Turk Street, Alton, GU34 1EF.
  4. Include your address and contact details. Please include your contact details so we can thank you for your support.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01420 541 424 or via email ([email protected]).

What happens to stamps I donate to charity?

Xchange Master, a leading stamp and currency service provider, sort the stamps donated to us to ensure we at the charity receive the maximum possible price whilst also covering all the costs of the materials and postage.

Used stamps are in demand. Xchange Master sell your donated stamps on to collectors, artists, and manufacturers across the globe who use stamps for their products. Some valuable stamps can even end up at an auction house or on eBay. Basically, you send the stamps to Xchange Master, they sell them on, and we at Kidney Care UK receive roughly £20 per kg.

What stamps can I donate to Kidney Care UK?

There are three major categories of postage stamps you can send.

  1. Modern UK stamps
  2. Old UK stamps
  3. Foreign stamps

Modern UK stamps are the most highly sought-after stamps, so if you have any stamps printed after 2008 those are especially valuable to us. But every single stamp you have will be worth something to us. Just be sure to separate your stamps into British and foreign.

It is only the pre-printed and prepaid stamps that we ask you not to collect.

I'd like to donate a stamp collection to charity

If you have a larger number of stamps to donate, Xchange Master can arrange a courier collection for you. There are two courier options:

  1. You’ll be sent a drop off label, via email or post, for any major courier service. You then package up the stamps/coins and drop them off at your nearest collection point.
  2. Xchange Master organise a courier to collect the stamps/coins from your home or workplace. However, there are no specific time slots offered, so somebody will need to be in.

If you think you may need the courier service, you can contact Xchange Master directly on 0141 328 9357, or email them at [email protected]. Xchange Master are open weekdays between 9am and 4:30pm.

Encourage friends, family and colleagues to collect stamps for Kidney Care UK

Request a Collection box to get your whole community involved in collecting stamps for us. Why not ask your work colleagues or a local business or school to start collecting? Get your friends, family and neighbours involved too and you’ll soon have boxes full of stamps to donate. We will put every single stamp you send us to work to raise funds to support our kidney community.

Request a Stamp Collection box

Other ways to recycle for Kidney Care UK

  • Donate old coins and currency to support kidney patients

    Donating old coins and foreign currency is an entirely free way to fundraise for Kidney Care UK. Thanks to your donations of coins, currency and stamps, we’ve raised over £13,000 for the kidney community since 2017.

  • Declutter with iCollectClothes

    Having a clear out? Help us raise vital funds by donating your unwanted items. Donating to iCollectClothes is a simple, stress-free way to recycle your unwanted belongings while supporting our kidney community.