Diary of a Kidney Warrior Podcast celebrates 100th episode

Dee Moore, who lives in Birmingham, recently celebrated the 100th episode of her Diary of a Kidney Warrior Podcast which is run in partnership with Kidney Care UK.

Dee started the podcast in 2020 after being diagnosed with stage four kidney disease.

Dee hosted a special filmed episode to mark the occasion and was joined by Sarah Oakley, our Director of Patient Services, as well as campaigner Phoenix Halliwell who has played an instrumental role in our cost of living work over the last 18 months and who was interviewed in episode 85.

Dee recently needed to start peritoneal dialysis. She told the BBC: "I dialyse five nights a week for eight hours so it's been a massive adjustment. I'm just really stubborn. I'm just determined to keep going.”

Dee & Paul 100 episode
Kidney Care UK CEO Paul Bristow and Dee Moore © Trevor Bailey Photography

Knowing that her words are making a difference has been so powerful for Dee. She continues: “Somebody said that they learnt more from the podcast than four years of medical appointments and that really stood out to me. Sometimes you can think, this is the worst thing in the world... and then you interview somebody and you think, actually I had a walk in the park compared to what they've been through."

Sarah Oakley added: “The podcast has made a huge difference to patients. It gives you a full 360 degree picture and we're really pleased that Dee is doing this for the kidney community.”

Mother of-two Dee was added to the transplant list in August.

"The average wait time is three to five years," Dee concludes. "For myself as a Black woman, for people of ethnic minority, the wait tends to be longer. So I don't know how long I'll be waiting. But ultimately, kidney disease is not just a death sentence. There is hope".

Photographs © Trevor Bailey Photography